Announcement (long, but please read)

I have a little announcement to make and I’m a little bit nervous about because I don’t know if people will take it in the spirit in which I mean it. But I have hope. So. Where do I start? I guess I’ll start at the beginning.
I think I’ve said this before, but I wouldn’t be stitching if it weren’t for Flosstube. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a good ten years, but I didn’t know anyone who did it, I didn’t know where to start, I was just kinda floating out there. I would see things occasionally and think “oh, that’s so cool” and have no idea how to go about starting. Until one day, YouTube randomly suggested a video to me called something like “How to Prep Your Cross Stitch Project”. It was a set of two videos, I believe, put out by CherryLaneDesigns. So I watched those and then YouTube suggested StitchingMae’s griding video. After I watched that video, I went to her channel and started watching all her videos. It was in one of those videos I first heard the term “Flosstube”. And that’s when I discovered that Flosstube existed. That there was actually this place, this community of stitchers who share their work and their experience and their journey’s with the world. And that’s what gave me the courage to start stitching. I discovered Flosstube in April 2015 and I put my first stitches in fabric on June 6th 2015.
Through Flosstube I discovered that there were also Facebook groups for stitchers. It was in one of these groups where I first discovered the generosity of the stitching community. I had been searching online for a kit to use as my first “big” project and nothing appealed to me until I saw DMC’s Henry VIII kit. That kit was PERFECT for me. I loved it. I wanted it SO bad. Unfortunately, it was only available in the UK and I couldn’t get it for less than like $50. For a first project, I just couldn’t let myself do that. So I posted on a few Facebook groups that I was looking for this kit and did anyone know where I could get it cheaper, used, etc. And this lovely lady PM’ed me saying that she had it, had no desire to stitch it, and she’d send it to me. I, of course, asked how much she wanted for it. She replied “Consider it a gift!…Let’s just say that if you ever get the chance, pay it forward!” Needless to say, I was floored. I couldn’t believe the generosity of this complete stranger. She didn’t know me. I’d only been in the group a few days. There was NO reason for her to send me anything. But because of her random act of kindness, a whole new world was opened up to me. So I told her of course I’d pay it forward…and I haven’t. That was in June. It’s now December.
But this was just the first of many times I’ve been lucky enough to experience the kindness of the stitching community. After I discovered Flosstube, I created a separate YouTube account for watching Flosstube videos because I didn’t want them mixing in with the other videos I watched (fun fact, I haven’t watched a single video on my other channel in months….sorry Booktube). I made it just to watch video, never thinking that I’d make any. Well, I started stitching June 6th (my Star Trek Red Shirt, cause I was too afraid I’d screw up Henry if he was my true first) and by June 9th, I’d posted my first video. I don’t even know what happened…. Why I randomly decided one day, “Ok. I want to make a video”. One day I was “No way, never gonna happen” and the next I was uploading. Clearly, I’d lost my mind. lol But I’m glad I did it.
Since then, I feel like I’ve been really lucky. I have benefited from the generosity of many stitchers, through giveaways and RAKs. And I haven’t given anything back. That’s got to change. That’s unacceptable to me. So, I’ve decided that 2016 will be my “Year of Giving”. Now, to do that, I need to do a few things. My plan is, in 2016, to do one RAK for a subscriber to my Flosstube channel (Heather Stitches) once a month. To learn more about that, please check out the Year of Giving page, where all the posts regarding the Year of Giving will be archived. Also, I will be doing a 500 subscriber giveaway next year, as I have now hit that milestone. I never thought I’d get over 100, let alone over 500. Thank you to all who have supported my channel. It means more than I can say.
Now, as I’m sure you can imagine, this isn’t going to be the cheapest endeavor. So I’ve been trying to think of ways to fund all my plans without, for the lack of a better term, taking advantage. Cause I’ve never really been comfortable with people trying to make a living off YouTube. Don’t ask me why, I just haven’t been. It gives me the heebie jeebies. I guess I’m not really comfortable with a lot of the ways people make money, which is probably why I’ll never have a lot of it. ^_^
So, here’s the idea. Firstly, I *know* that everyone and their grandmother’s neighbor’s sister is selling needle minders now. I know this. I get it. *But*, I thought it might be a good way to generate funds for the Year of Giving and giveaways for my channel. So, I’m gonna start selling needle minders. What makes my shop different from others out there is that a percentage of the profits from EVERY minder sold will go DIRECTLY into the Year of Giving fund to be used ONLY for giving back to subscribers via RAKs and giveaways. Hopefully this will help fund the 12 RAKs as well as the couple giveaways I want to do.
So, in order to facilitate this, I started this website. This site will primarily be used for the sale of minders, which you can find on the Needle Minders page. I’ll also be posting a few other things here and there, such as book reviews on my Books page, as well as a detailed list of my Finishes (I might post other stitching things as well. Let me know what you’d like to see). But if you are interested in needle minders, I hope you check out my page. I only have a few styles right now, but I will be adding more soon (including blingy ones, I *know* ya’ll love blingy ones ^_^). If you have any requests for minders, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you. I do have other things I’m planning to add to the store, besides minders, but we’ll talk about that later cause this is just stupid long. Ok. I think that’s it. Thank you for reading this.

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