Book Review: The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Book Cover The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum
The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum
Kirsten Weiss
Mystery, Cozy Mystery
Midnight Ink
May 8th 2016

When Maddie Kosloski’s career flatlines, she retreats to her wine-country hometown for solace and cheap rent. Railroaded into managing the local paranormal museum, she’s certain the rumors of its haunting are greatly exaggerated. But a new ghost may be on the loose. A fresh corpse in the museum embroils Maddie in murders past and present.

With her high school bully as one of the officers in charge, Maddie doubts justice will be served. When one of her best friends is arrested, she’s certain it won’t be.

Maddie grapples with ghost hunters, obsessed taxidermists, and the sexy motorcyclist next door as outside forces threaten. And as she juggles spectral shenanigans with the hunt for a killer, she discovers there truly is no place like home.

my Review

The cozy mystery trend continues with another soon-to-be-published offering by Midnight Ink, and thankfully, this one is miles apart from the last. If you read my last review, you’ll know that I wasn’t thrilled with that particular title, so I was a bit unsure about picking up another Midnight Ink. But I’m glad I gave them another chance. I really, really liked this one.

One of the reasons I enjoyed this book was the leading lady, Maddie. She is a smart, charming, yet very human. She doesn’t try to be a Mary Sue, adorkable, or a manic pixie. She’s just a normal person. And I love her for that. The other characters are equally believable and even, mostly, likable. Even the “villain” in Maddie’s life (former high-school bully turned bully-with-a-badge, Laurel) is believable. Heck, even the cat was a great character. This book gets an all round A+ for characterization.

The mystery also played out well. It didn’t drag or seem too rushed. All the characters made logical decisions based on the story and at no time did I feel the author trying to forcibly move the plot along via the characters. Best of all, I had no idea who the murderer was until the big reveal. The story had me guessing the whole time, yet once we knew the truth, you could see that there were clues that clearly pointed to the murderer. That’s Agatha Christie-level storytelling. No easy feat.

GoodReads seems to indicate that this is the first in a series and, if that is true, I will definitely be picking up the next books, NetGalley or no. I highly recommend this for all cozy mystery lovers.

**I received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review** Professional Reader

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