Year of Giving: Q & A

I’ve been planning on making a video for this for like two weeks, but I just really haven’t felt up to it, so I thought I’d just type this out quickly so I’d have something up before the 1st.
I’ve gotten some questions regarding the YoG, so I thought I’d answer them before it actually starts. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me (, comment here, or PM me on any social media you’d like.

#1: I don’t understand how to submit my address, can you help me?
— Yes. I made this short video walking you through exactly what you need to do:

#2: What percentage of purchases from Needle Minders sales goes towards the Year of Giving?
— It varies slightly. It will NEVER be under 20%. Right now it is at 20% so I have enough to buy more stock and still have a good amount going into YoG. As my stock of minders increases, the percentage towards the YoG fund will increase, since I won’t be buying more until I sell my stock.
For the new charting service, right now, 100% is going towards the YoG fund. If I need to buy more minders and don’t have the funds from past sales to do it, I might change that. But somehow, directly or non-directly, all money is going back into the community.

#3: How winners are chosen?
— Winners will be chosen by me on the first of every month. I will see how many entries there are, put that number into and let it chose a number. So if it chooses number 15, the 15th entry wins. A person can only win once, so once they win and have received their RAK, their names will be noted as winners and will be ineligible to win again.
I’m choosing the winners at the beginning of the month in order to have the rest of the month to gather their goodies and post their package, which I will do probably in the last week of the month. So if you win in January, for example, you most likely won’t receive your RAK until February.

#4: How will we know who wins?
— You might not. I will not be announcing the winners on my channel automatically. In my RAK package, I will include a note asking for notification that they’ve received it (though all packages will have USPS tracking) and asking if it is ok if I use their names on my next videos to announce their win. If they don’t want their names used, I won’t be mentioning the winner. I will, of course, announce that a winner has been chosen, the packaged shipped/received, etc. But I’m not using the person’s name without their ok.

#5: I’d like to support your Year of Giving, but I don’t use minders. Is there any other way?
— Yes. I’ve added the new charting service and will soon be adding downloadable patterns to my shop. Other than that, just spreading the word helps.

#6: What about 2017?
— The Year of Giving runs throughout 2016, so I have no plans for 2017. If this is successful and I think it might be sustainable, I might do another year. It depends how 2016 goes.

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