Flosstube Hiatus

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let people know I’m taking a Flosstube break. I doubt anyone noticed, but I never posted a Maynia Week 4 Review video. Not because I had a problem with Maynia or anything, I actually loved it, but on June 1st a close family member went into the hospital and has been there ever since. Because of this life has gotten crazy and stressful and I just don’t want the bother, honestly. I’ll be back sometime in July maybe. I’m going to make an effort to keep this blog updated with WIPs and Finishes and maybe random updates here or there. Not sure about personal updates. Is anyone interested in those? I always feel like I’m hella boring, so I never do them. (^_^)

Anyway, I’ll try to use Instagram and Ello more as well (I’m heatherstitches on both), but I don’t have one of them thar fancy phones that you can take pictures on and upload them directly to IG/Ello. I have to take a photo on my camera, upload it on my computer, add it to dropbox, then from my tablet edit it and upload it to IG/Ello. It’s a bit of a pain.

But, you can still find me on Stitch Maynia and Pacific Northwest Stitchers (I’m Heather Chambers on there…and in real life) and whatever other groups I’m in, though I’m not too active.

Oh, also, the Year of Giving lives on….though I haven’t picked June’s person yet. =\

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  1. Delana says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that this is going on. I know how stressful it is to have a family member in the hospital. It just drains the energy right out of you. I completely understand the need to take a break. I’ll pray for you and your family, and hope to see you on Flosstube again soon. Take care!

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