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In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I thought I’d announce it here… I’m starting a film club! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, so I decided to just throw the idea out on Instagram and I’m thrilled to say there was quite a bit of interest.
We are currently hosting the club on Instagram, but I will utilize my site to do some general management. To find the film club posts, we have started the hashtag #stitchersfilmclub for posts related to our film club.

The general outline of the film club is this: At the end of each month we will have a nomination cycle for the next month’s films. Each person can nominate two films per nomination cycle. At the beginning of the next month, I will compile the nominations and make a collage post on Instagram with the nominations. Then we will each vote on two films to watch that month. Once the films are decided, we will watch them at our own pace and post our thoughts and opinions. Please, when posting about the film club, remember to use the hashtag #stitchersfilmclub.


  1.  In order for a film to be accepted as a nomination it MUST be available for streaming online. It can be on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Play Store, Crackle, Youtube, etc. But it MUST be stream-able. When nominating a film, please include at least one streaming service where you know it is available (please, please, please check that it is available before nominating).
  2. That’s it. Man. I’m too low-key with rules…. This space is reserved for later rules. Like, maybe one about price (see poll below).

Ok. That’s basically it for now. BUT, I do need your help with a few things. Initially I had the idea of making it a rule that each movie in a month had to be of different genres. I thought that would give people more opportunity to join it. So if horror wasn’t your thing and one of the movies was a horror, you still had a chance to join in with the other film. However, another idea was brought up in one of my posts (Hi, Trisha!); What if we made each month genre specific? I like that idea too. I think that would give us a chance to really explore certain genres and see how different directors, screenwriters, etc utilize and play with genre. So….

If you vote for us to go with the genre specific months, it would be great if you posted some genre ideas in the comment section. There are SO many genre’s, it’s hard for me to narrow it down. I think that, if we do go with one genre a month, I will pick genres randomly out of a bag-o-genres (meaning I’ll list down like 30 genres on strips of paper and pick one at random for each month). So if you have any genre ideas, let me know.
Also, I had another question: What budget would you like us to stick to? All movies must be stream-able, but of course, not all stream-able movies are free. For example, rent-able movies on services like Amazon are generally $2.99. Would you be ok allowing those movies into our club? What about those movies that aren’t rent-able, but only available for purchase? Those are generally $9.99. Is that too much? Or do you want only free stream-ables? Let me know below.


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  1. Delana says:

    I voted free movies only, but if single genre per month is chosen perhaps one of the movies can be a pay movie. As long as both aren’t, those who don’t want to pay extra won’t be left out.

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